You know you're a softball junkie if ...

  • You need a second job just to pay for gloves, bats, equipment, uniforms, player fees, batting cages, etc...

  • Your second job is umpiring at softball games

  • Your idea of spending quality time with your spouse is playing on the same co-ed team.

  • You have more than one bat that cost over $200.

  • You play three nights a week and you are considering joining a tournament team for the weekends.

  • It is a known fact to several managers that when they need a player ... it is OK to call you at 2am the night before a tournament, 'cause if you are not already playing you will want to.

  • You go to the softball fields on nights your team is not even playing.

  • You remember when you rested and relaxed on weekends, now the only rest you get is between games at a tournament.

  • You think "wearing something nice" means an all-tournament shirt with no dirt stains.

  • Your softball cleats get more use than any other pair of shoes you own.

  • When someone says they are going to the mountains this weekend, you ask if there is a tournament in Banff.

  • All your white socks have dirt stains from playing softball.

  • Your idea of a weekend getaway is a two-day tournament in Atlanta.

  • You plan your vacation each year to the Softball World Series.

  • You have a tattoo similar to this:   softball diamond

  • You own more softball t-shirts than pairs of underwear.

  • You know you are a softball junkie if 80% of your T-shirts are softball related.

  • Your dogs are named Demarini, Easton and Rawlings.

  • When you log onto the internet, the first page/site you go to is a softball message/discussion board.

  • Your spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend knows when you ask them out to dinner you really mean pizza after the game.

  • When your spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend gives you an ultimatum, either softball or.*.*. your first thought is how much you will miss them.

  • You tape your bat handles with various designs and use only tape with team colors or match your bat colors.

  • When someone tells you that every sentence you say has something to do with softball your reply is..."you are way off base."

  • When your team goes 0-2 in a tourney and is done by noon, you are still hanging out at the park at the 8pm.

  • You get married on home plate.

  • You have a softball website. (Editor's Note: This Webmaster does not get this joke!)

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